Car Vibrates at 40 Km/h , plz help

Hi all.

  • I have a toyota corolla 2012. Only between 35-40km/h , I s**tart feeling vibrations at the accelerating pedals and along the whole car . The vibration disappears when I go just above 40km/h.
  • The wheel does not shake (only the body and for couple of seconds till i exceed 40km)
  • I have replaced the 4 tires few days back, got them balanced and still the problem persists.


Switch the front and rear tires to see if the vibration switches to the steering wheel. If so, then the tires may be at fault. I suggest this first because it is a low or no cost option. If it doesn’t work, it might be rear suspension issues.

Edit: how many kilometers on your Corolla? Did you have a 4-wheel alignment when the tires were replaced?

Check the alignment if that is in good shape the check wheel bearings and universal on the drive shaft. For the drive shaft try to move it back and forth looking for play and visually look at connections. Wheel bearings jack it up pull tire back and forth looking for play then visually inspect.

Automatic or manual transmission?

Unless this is an awd Corolla, it doesn’t have a driveshaft, and universal joints

It’s probably fwd and has cv axleshafts

Then check the CV’s for play could have a bad wheel bearings or a slight bend or twist in the CV. I have seen this many times before. I didn’t even look at the car specs just the symptoms and they say drive bearings or alignment

Seems like someone would do that first before giving advice.


I stand by my words the place to begin looking is in the wheel bearings and in this case CV’s. The standard issues in the case of these symptoms is there in Universals CV’s and wheel bearings. I made the mistake of assuming average joe would understand what I meant. Quick answer for simple question now I know that dudes like you are here Ill be more through. Oh and I also have found that the 2001 v70 is a nightmare of electrical issues and huge dollar reprogramming fees and faulty sensors might want to buy something else

This is a very low speed for that kind of vibration…Bad tire, bent wheel, bent axle

Sorry for the late reply. thank you all

My corolla is automatic trans. , it ran only 55,000 km (approx. 34,2000 miles).
I had the same problem with Yokohama tires, replaced them with Maxxis few days before , then checked the alignment and still the issue persists (so don’t think it is from the tires).

I am not a mechanic or an engineer , I have made some search regarding the issue and from what I have read , I made like a check list for the possible causes. Will be thankful if you can help me to narrow it down (or expand !):

Brake rotors
Wheel bearings
Motor mounts
Spark plugs
Tie rods
Axle boot/joints

Thanks again

I took the car to the official Toyota repair agent and after a road test , their mechanic told me it is an axle problem. I have to get both axles checked to know which one is faulty (a new one is almost 850 $ !).

Thank you all…

dont go to a stealership. Go to a good mechanic probably get it the job done for half that

Glad you got the problem diagnosed. fyi, that symptom could point to a problem with the transmission’s lock-up torque converter too.

Drive axle at 55,000km is unheard of for a Toyota Corolla.I hope your extended warranty will cover that

Hi, my corolla 2012 has same problem, please let me know which axel u changed to fix this issue.

It is not relevant which axle he changed 3+ years ago. His right axle might have been defective, and perhaps your left axle is defective. Or, vice-versa.

You need to have your car’s problem diagnosed–in person–by a mechanic.