Vibrating while driving

My car vibrating. I had the front end repaired, brakes/rotors, calipers, tires and front axles and still vibrates and sometimes the brakes lock up, not completely, while driving and when I stop, the front wheels are hot.
Anyone know what’s going on?

The brake hoses could be bad since this is the only thing that wasn’t replaced.I would go back to the shop that did the repair and tell them to take a look at them.What is the year and milage of your Corolla?


Is it the steering wheel or the seat that is vibrating?

Swap the tires front to rear. Did the vibration change which is vibrating? If so, then tire/wheels are the problem.

If both the steering wheel and seat are vibrating, then the problem is likely in the engine/drivetrain.


Replaced two tires and went on front. Steering wheel vibrates.
Had brake hoses replaced a year ago

Back to the tire shop!

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You bought 2 new tires and the tire shop put them on the front . I did not think there were any tire shops that would put 2 only new tires on the front anymore. They should have gone on the rear.

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The rear tires were shot. They put the older ones, still good, in the rear and put the new ones in front, since it’s front wheel drive



Then you are dealing with a clueless tire shop . 2 New tires should go on the rear no matter where the drive wheels are , front or back or both as in all wheel drive.


These guys need to enter the modern world

Their practices are outdated

The tires with more tread go on the rear axle . . . doesn’t matter if it’s front wheel drive, rear wheel, drive, all wheel drive, or what have you

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Kind of becomes academic once you rotate the tires.

Yeah, it can actually get annoying. I had right at 5,000 miles on my 4 new tires when I ran over road debris and took the rears out. Asked the shop to just put the new tires on the front, since per the rotation schedule that’s where they should be anyway. Nope, can’t do it, old tires go on the rear, blah blah. “So now you want me to accumulate 10,000 miles of front wear on the old tires before the first rotation because you don’t understand the reasoning behind that safety rule?”

Yes, but the OP is clearly someone who doesn’t rotate his tires. If he did, he wouldn’t have had such drastic differences in tread wear from front to rear.

The only simple thing would be for you to make sure that the vent on the brake fluid reservoir cap was working. There are additional brake fluid control devices for the ABS, and other features your vehicle may have and those would be best checked by the dealer. The dealer would have the diagnostic equipment, the factory service bulletins, and secret warranty information.

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I am trying to understand why you think that has anything to do with the vibration in the steering wheel . This sounds more like a tire problem caused by an incompetent tire shop .

The ABS, the stability control, and the traction control are capable of applying pulsating or steady braking to individual wheels, both light and heavy. If the control units or the control computers are malfunctioning, it could produce vibrations. Also he mentions brake lock-ups and wheels being very hot. Dealers are supposed to have the diagnostic equipment and they are aware of problems with a model long before the information becomes generally available.

Check all your engine mounts. I got had issue recently I fixed it. My corolla is not vibrating now. Still my Machanic told very slight vibration is there and he will fix it next time. I told him ok.

It turned out, it was the master cylinder