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Vehicle Sticker Does Not Stick

When yearly renewing your license plates in Illinois, you recieve a small sticker that has a sticky back and adheres on top of the expired sticker on the license plate. The day after I put the new sticker over the old sticker I found the new sticker on the garage floor. What can I use to make the new sticker adhere without disolving the sticker? I already emailed the question to the Dept of Vehicles and of course have not heard back.

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I only have two suggestions to help prevent the problem, First don’t keep adding a new one over the old. Try to scrap a few layers off to get down closer to the plate. Second make sure the place where you are adding the new one is very clean and dry. That should prevent any future problems.

I suspect you will hear from the state on Monday or Tuesday and they will take care of sticker replacement regulations. In the meantime keep the original one with you, I would tape it to the inside of the back window so it shows through.

While I can think of a few adhesives that would likely hold it onto the old ones, after they were cleaned up, I would suggest waiting for “Official” word, I suspect they will replace the one that did not stick and will want that one back.

Did You Clean The Old Sticker Well Before Sticking On The New One?

My state gives directions of this nature. I often just use Windex and a paper towel. I hate to say it, but this sounds like a personal problem. Unless the state made a bad batch, in which case their phone would be ringing off the hook and it would appear on the 6 o’clock news, I think it’s you.

Five bucks buys you a brand new plate plate in my state, when you renew. You could go to the DMV and stand right there and stick it on right in front of everybody. I have had those stupid tabs break before, but never not adhere. This shouldnt be rocket science. You didn’t spray your car with some kind of strange “wax” at the car wash, did you?

They should replace it, no problem, as long as you’ve got the pieces and can read the numbers. However, they may charge you. It’s the Government!

I agree with Mr. Meehan. The first step is to remove the old sticker. Then, clean the plate with something like Goo Gone in order to remove all of the dirt, oil, salt, etc that is coating the plate. Rinse the plate with clear water, and allow it to dry thoroughly before you attempt to mount the sticker again.

As long as you didn’t already destroy the sticker’s adhesive with your first attempt to mount it, it should adhere. If not, then you will need to use something like Gorilla Glue to attach the sticker.

You should get a semi dull pocket knife and scrape the old ones off. An old putty knife is also good. You can probably get a new sticker if you bring in the old one. Usually you just have to rub the dirt off before putting the new sticker on. Warm the surface with a hair dryer before you stick the new one back on. Sometimes the temperature is too cold.

I moisten a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and wipe the old sticker well. I have 10 stickers on one car and none have peeled.

If your plate was cold, that can also affect the grip of the adhesives used to hold the sticker. Try parking your car somewhere warm, or use a hair dryer to warm up the area the sticker has to be applied to.

To get you sticker to stay on now, either go back to the DMV and see if they’ll re-issue you another, or just put some “Crazy Glue Jell” on it (the Jell version won’t run like the liquid version) and it will never come off.

Thanks for your help. I went to one of the Secretary of State’s offices and received a replacement sticker. All computerized, it was easy to do!

What did you do to put the sticker on, and did it work?

[quote]I’m Not Always Right, But I Told You This Isn’t Rocket Science! … Eh ?

Got mt my new license tab stickers here in Minnesota and they wouldn’t stick. It was January and 25 degrees. After cleaning over the two old tabs, there was still no way they would adhere. Took them inside and let them soak with hot water in the kitchen sink. Dried and cleaned them, then used a small knife to remove the old stickers. Then used paper towel with alchohol to get as much of the old adhesive off as I could. The new stickers then went on very easily.

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