Paint peeling parking stickers


I’ve been given a parking permit to place on my bumper. The last time I did this, it peeled the paint right off the car when removed. Has anyone invented a way to place the stickers but not directly on the paint? (The window is not an option.)


Well a plastic bumper is not a good spot for a sticker. I would suggest a metal part of the car. The paint holds up much better there. Also be sure to use a hair dryer to warm it up before trying to remove it. Then us googone to finish up the job.


If it’s not too large a sticker, why not on a window? That way it’ll just come off with a razor blade and some windex.


I would suggest a metal part of the car.

When was the last time you saw a newer car that contained any actual metal?

I would not put a sticker of any kind on my paint, bumper or otherwise. Can you find someplace else to park (or just ignore whomever told you that you needed the sticker)?


You might try sticking the parking sticker onto some clear packing tape and sticking that on the bumper. It shoudl have a less aggressive adhesive.


When I had to put one of these on a fairly nice car, I made a bracket that mounted to an existing bolt under the bumper. It was shaped somewhat like a “T” with the sticker being mounted at the top and an elongated vertical part that went to the bolt hole.


I like this idea. I’ll see if possible. Problem is that someone could steal the whole assembly, I suppose.


I like this answer. Reminds me of a Tom&Ray answer to a caller who had a car alarm going off at night. Answer: park it in front of someone elses house :slight_smile:


i guess from your post that you MUST have it on the bumper? is the window totally out of the question?

i prefer to put my stickers on a small piece of plexiglass that i can stick into the inside edge of the window on the rear of the window, so it looks like they are stuck on the inside of the window, but they aren’t.


Wax the spot the sticker will go on just before you put the sticker on. Follow the directions. Make sure all the haze is gone before you place the sticker on. The adhesive will stick to the thin wax film, and be easier to remove when desired. A friend of mine told me that trick years ago.


I saw this trick 15 years or so ago and have used it ever since. If you’re sticking it on the inside, then you can use a plastic baggie to make it easy to remove or even transfer to another car. Pull the baggie flat and apply the sticker. Cut it out around the outline of the sticker and then use a little water on the baggie to get it to stick to the window. It looks like it’s applied directly to the glass but comes off easily.