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Bumper Sticker Removal?

How to: remove a bumper sticker safely to use again?

Is this a joke posting? Most people are concerned with how to remove a bumper sticker without damaging the paint on their car. The sticker itself is a throwaway.


No joke. I’m getting a new car but still want the sticker

Try a hair dryer

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When you see that the paint underneath the sticker because the paint on the car has faded, you might rethink the whole bumper sticker thing.


Again, I’m getting a new car. I want to keep the old bumper sticker. I want a known fool-proof method. I’ve tried and rejected the usual, hair dryer, steam, goo be gone etc. I want to know a tested successful method, not speculation. Maybe there isn’t one actually known (?)

Just call a couple of local detail shops and ask if they can do that . Chances are that the sticker will not come off in one piece anyway . And you really want to stick something on the bumper cover of a new vehicle ?


99% impossible. Get a new sticker.


Closest answer so far, now where’s that 1% ?

There is no foolproof way. Depending on the material used in the sticker, you might remove it with just enough heat to soften the adhesive carefully peeling it off.

I have applied and removed many stickers from my racecars. I love it when they come off in one piece but they rarely do. None of those that did, maintained the original shape.

Give it up, ain’t gonna happen.

Take a very good photo. Take measurements. Take that photo to a sign shop. With a little photoshop action and a vinyl printer, a duplicate can be created. Heck, hundreds can be created.


I told you … the hair dryer


Guess I’ll keep the car for awhile. I never give up.

That must be one hell of a bumper sticker.


curious what is this bumper sticker?





All that for a Domino Pizza sticker? You may have to take the bumper off and transfer it to the new car.

I’ve had a few bumper stickers printed and it all depends on if paper was used, and what weight, or if vinyl was used. Plus the adhesive that was specified. You can spec adhesive all the way from permanent to removable and grades in between. The only time we used removable was for stickers that needed to be easily peeled off for re-use of the container they were pasted on. Not likely a bumper sticker would use removable adhesive. So it’s like asking what color a car is. It all depends and there is no standard.

Now in general I think bumper stickers are a bad idea, especially since cars no longer have chrome bumpers. But if they are political, they are dangerous and bound to upset people. If you think they are funny, a good portion of the population will not agree and think the driver is the odd ball. Plus most are impossible to read and are distracting. They just do not have the desired effect in my humble view. The only way to save it for sure is to cut the bumper too leaving the sticker intact, but a rectangular hole in the bumper.

Hair dryer or heat gun, then use a credit card or a label remover to peel up an edge of the sticker, your local detail shop has probably dealt with this many times before.

Heat is probably your best bet, but enough heat to melt the glue might soften the bumper sticker enough that it will stretch as you pull it off. Chemicals that dissolve the glue might dissolve the sticker too. Also, some stickers are designed to flake off as you try to remove them. Parking passes might fit into the last category. Good luck.

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I wish I had found a way to remove a bumper sticker without destroying it. I would liked to have saved the “Truman For President” bumper sticker from my 1947 Pontiac. I would like to have that bumper sticker on my present ride.