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Van heater only works on high. Please help

Hi. I just had the radiator and thermostat replaced on my 2001 Dodge Caravan and now my heater only blows air on high. Is this just coincidence or could this be related to the repair.

I suspect coincidence. You probably need a new blower resistor. When these fail, you only have high speed on the fan.


More than likely the blower motor module/resistor has failed.,2001,caravan,3.3l+v6,1434722,heat+&+air+conditioning,blower+motor+control+module+/+resistor,6557

The voltage for the low speeds for the blower motor pass thru this resistor. The voltage for the highest speed by-passes this resistor.



Blower mudule is a common failure on these vehicles.

Just wanted to say thank you for this thread. Had been living with this problem for a while and just ignoring it. Replaced the resistor and Shazam. now have all 4 speeds,

Good goin’. Thanks for getting back here with your results.

I wasn’t the OP, just this thread inspired me to replace mine.

Hey Good to know. Thank you