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No A/C - heater blower. 2007 Dodge caravan

One day it blew, the next, nothing. Back in the old days I’d have suspected the resistor understand the hood. This Caravan is an '07. Does it HAVE a resistor or am Ilooking for something else? BCM? I think if the switch were bad, at least SOME speed would work. The rear blower works, if that matters.

That should say UNDERNEATH the hood. Dang spel chekr…

Of course, you’ve done the obvious and gone through the fuseboxes, yes?

If you have a variable speed control rather than a few selections for speed then there are no resistors. It is a solid state control module, which may be bad. As mentioned, check the fuses first.

It is a switch that clicks into four positions, plus off. The fuse is OK.

On my former (2000) Caravan the resistor block was visible on the firewall. I don’t see it on this one. Where did they hide it?l

If you just had a bad resistor then you would still have the blower at the highest speed setting. You need to start with a volt meter and find out if you’re getting 12V at the fan connector.

The resistor pack may have a thermal protector inside it that has opened up. There is a relay in the circuit also I think but I’m not sure if that is only on in the high speed position or for all speeds. You should be able to find the resistors by following the wiring coming from the blower motor.