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Blower fan

The heater blower fan only works on the highest speed, why? This is an 2002 model and has been working fine until just recently. The filter in the system has been replaced.

Your resistor pack is blown. The resistors are used to control the blower motor speeds. Very common problem. They are usually located in the blower ductwork.

Okay, where do I get a new resistor pack?

Most major auto parts stores have them. Forgot to add: The reason the high speed works is that it’s 12vdc and does not need a resistor to operate.

Is there anything special I need to know about to replace the resistor pack?

They’re usually mounted in the HVAC ductwork, near the blower motor. One or two screws and a wiring connector should be about it.

Okay, Thank you very much for your help!

Locally the resistor packs are from $15-$100 based on the heater/AC system that you have.

Are there different resistor packs for vehicles with and without AC?

Paul, It Might Not Matter. Get The One For The 02 Van Equipped As Your’s Is. You Mean They Sold These Without A/C ?

Oh, and one more thing. If the new resistor blows in a short time there’s a chance that the blower motor itself is worn out.

I replaced the resistor and all is working fine so far. Thank you for your help, it is greatly appreciated.