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Vacation Blues

Today I was driving my 2005 Honda CRV when suddenly the car starting reving up while slowly stopping. It would not move after that. Car still reved up while stepping on the gas. Had to be towed to a mechanic. They could not look at it today. Any idea what the problem might be?

How many miles are there on it? Has it done this before? It sounds like a transmission problem, but there is not much information yet.

65,000. This is the first time this has happened.

Car was in drive but felt like it was in neutral.

If the motor is running and the car isn’t moving that is a transmission problem. Could be the linkage, or controls to the transmission are bad. Or, the transmission/torque converter are shot.

I have an extended warranty on my car. This should be covered correct?

Extended warranties are notorious for NOT covering what you think they SHOULD cover. Just one of the MANY reasons why you should NEVER buy one. They are a complete waste of money.

" I have an extended warranty on my car. This should be covered correct? "

Is the extended warranty a genuine Honda extension of the car’s original warranty or is it undewritten by an “aftermarket” vendor ?

I would hope that you’d be covered either way, but I’d put more stock in a Honda factory warranty extension.

Have you kept up on any/all maintenance (especially for the transmission) that is in Honda’s schedule for your vehicle ? Many warranty claims are denied on the basis of owner neglect / abuse and in many cases, for good reason.

Tell us about the warranty, the maintenance that was scheduled, and your compliance with that.


The warranty is a genuine Honda one. I have the car checked on a regular basis. Have done all I am supposed to do. I will let you know the outcome.

Provided That You Fall Within Time And Miles Limits Of The Warranty & It Covers Powertrain, Including Engine, Which I Have To Believe It Does, Then You Should Come Out Smelling Like A Rose.

Check The Policy If You Can.
Is There A Charge For Diagnosis ?
Any Deductible ?
Will It Pay Your Tow Bill ?


You should have a copy of the warranty. Honda would have given it to you when you bought the extended warranty. All you need to know is there.

I do have the Warranty. Honda towed it to the dealership. I’ll keep you all updated.