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Honda Pilot 2003 Transmission issues after service

I had my 2003 honda Pilot service four weeks ago, timing belt and trans fluid change. The car has been miss-shifting ever since and now is barely drivable. I am taking it back tomorrow. Today the engine light came on and the “d” is blinking. The error code is P1750. My key question is if this is a dealer error or coincidence? I would think the dealer blew something but don’t want to put a lot of energy into a losing battle.

The blinking “D” indicates a fault in the electronic controls for the transmission. This may just be coincidental, but it sure is suspicious!

Honda despite their golden reputation have significant transmission problems in the early 2000’s.

Thanks, I took it in today. $3500 at the dealer. I went to two other independent shops for second opinions.

The first told me they would start a two day checkout of the trans electronics and it would probably end up with some selonoids and about $400. No idea if that would solve the problem.

The second shop was a Honda specialist. He looked at me and (astounded) asked how I managed to make 107k miles on a 2003 pilot trans. Might be a record. He said that was just a bad year for trans, Honda upped the warranaty to 80k, but mine was way past that. He said almost all his 2003 Pilot customers have had a new trans, under warranty or not. He said he would not fool with anything else and gave me the number of his transmission subcontractor.

The independant trans show wanted $2900 to rebuild my trans in their shop. The dealer wanted $3500 for a Honda rebuilt, 3 year warranty, rental car while it was fixed. That was good enough for me.

Thanks for the advice!

I suggest you decide between options 2 and 3 (3 being the Honda dealer). I’ve had great luck with independent Honda mechanics, but never had to deal with a problematic automatic transmission.

The $3,500 option with warranty certainly looks attractive. Is the warranty transferrable?

I’d be tempted to offer the vehicle for sale soon after it’s been “repaired.”