2000 Honda Odysses


Honda knew there was a problem with the original transmission on this and replaced it under warranty at 60000 miles. Now at 138000 it needs another one. Any thoughts, anyone else have this problem. I don’t want to put 3100K into this vehicle, and I just put a new catalytic converter in last month.


3100K Typo.

You spent about 600 bucks (or whatever) on a new cat converter. How do you plan to get your moneys worth back out of that if you don’t fix the tranny.

Its really your call in the end, but if you still like the van and it is in good condition otherwise, why not fix it and run it for another three years and get your money back through usage.

Your going to take a big hit on the selling price (privately) with no tranny and its doubtful a dealership will even do a deal with you because of it.


thanks, that is true, and actually it was 1800 for the cat converter!


You could walk away from it and sell it without doing anything. Find out what it is worth and deduct $3100 from the price and let someone do a deal. You might not be able to get top dollar after fixing it. It is, sfter all, a minivan. You are up there in minivan mileage. Do check the car price; you may be in for a surprise, and you could keep it a while longer.


I would suggest contacting the regional office of Honda Motor Company about this problem for two reasons.
One would be to see if they might do a “good-will warranty” on your vehicle since a second transmission failure at only 138k miles looks pretty bad. Be polite about this and knock on wood.

The second would be on the offchance that, depending on what your original trans problems were, the transmission was never actually replaced and you were BS’ed before being sent down the road. Yes, this can, and has, happened.
This could be verified by the serial number on the transmission. If it was really replaced then it would not match the official records according to your VIN number.
Honda Motor Company should also have a copy of a warranty claim on file to show this transmission swap was actually done.

I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the trans was changed; just letting you know of a “what-if” situation that could exist.


Update, I did contact American Honda at the dealers suggestion. They did exactly as you said, a goodwill warranty and replaced the transmission for the second time on them. So I must commend Honda, although I have had some issues with the car, Honda does stand behind their vehicles. I guess I will be taking it to 200,000 miles, and then hopefully getting a new Honda.


That’s great that Honda installed a new transmission; but, I think you were bilked on the cataltic converter ($1800! Yipes!). You should find an independent shop. The work will be as good (probably better), and you’ll have more money, after repairs, for Christmas presents.


i second that emotion. get away from the dealership now that the van is out of warranty. that is WAY too much for a cat (unless they did the whole muffler system for that price)


Yes, I did overpay, it was just the cat converter, not the whole muffler system. But, American Honda specifically said they were giving me the goodwill transmission because I serviced it at the dealer, so in the end I did benefit from getting the dealer service. At this point I may switch to an independent service station or maybe even sell it while it is running well.


Honda has plain awful transmissions in this vintage of Odyssey.

Its great they stood behind the product. Cross your fingers they fortified and fixed the defect in their replacement tranny.

Kudo’s to Honda for trying to keep their good reputation.