2006 Honda CRV 4WD shudder

I ran in to a forom on my computer were a few people have had my problem. When I make a tight turn at low speed I feel a kind of shudder ,seems like it comes from the rear end. On this forom the people said that it was a rear end problem. One fellow said they didn,t want to cover it under warranty ,but since he has read more about it he is going back to the dealer & demand a refund. In Canada the power train warranty is for 3 years or 60,000 KM. Mine only has 21,000 KM & is 2 years old. Don,t you think it should be covered? And have any of you heard of this as being a problem with these vehicles? Apparently Honda put out a service bulletin # 07-024 with instuctions to replace the rear diff. fluid & burnish the rear diff. clutches. Haven,t taken my vehicle in yet as I really don,t like my dealer. Thanks for any replies.

My suggestion is to take it to the dealer and ask them to fix it under warranty. Then if they don’t want to fix it free or if they say there is no problem, come back and let’s talk.

When taking a car to the dealer, your part of the process is to tell them what you told us. It makes this feel or that noise or whatever you directly observe. Their job is to fix it. They are not going to pay any attention to what you say beyond that anyway so don’t try and second guess them, they won’t pay any attention anyway.