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2017 Honda CR-V - Odd starting

I too have a 2017 Honda CRV with only 9100 miles on it. It is now having trouble starting up when the brake pedal kicks my foot up with trying to start it, then the consoles says please wait as the timer go round and round and round. Sometimes it doesn’t start up at all. Am taking it into the shop tomorrow.

Isn’t it still under warranty?? Is it going to a Honda dealer?

Yes, I am taking it in today.

Then the Honda dealer has responsibility for finding the problem and fixing the car to your satisfaction. No worries.

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Please circle back and tell us what the problem is once you find out. Thx

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Come to find out, its just as much as a surprise to Honda as it was to me. The service guy at Honda told me it happened to him once as well. said it was a weak battery. To which I said, and that is how the feature works. To which he said, NO, Honda is finding out about this. It only happens on the CRV. which tells me others have been ibn for the same problem. Towing, Battery, service, all under Warranty. All it cost me was my time.


Where are you at that you can get Sunday warranty service ?

Glad you got it resolved working w/the dealership. Honda seems to have a pretty good reputation according to posts here , as far as helping its customers on warranty issues.

When you say you felt the pedal kick your foot, which pedal was it? Brake or accelerator? If the latter, perhaps the problem is with the cruise control function. The manufacturers have fail-safes in the accel pedal system to prevent unintended acceleration, and maybe the fail-safe got activated for some reason & is why the car wouldn’t start.

It was the brake pedal, cause that is the pedal your foot is on when starting up the car. When the triple A guy came buy and started up the car, it completely freaked him out as well. If someone would have told me it was a weak battery, I would never have had it sit for two days. But since it was the brake pedal pushing up, I was worried there was something really wrong with the brakes. No where is it listed on the DVD about the car doing this. I’m betting this is a new Problem that Honda’s CRV are now experiencing. What I really found amazing was that while I was at the dealership, there were two other people there with 2017 Honda’s, and both of their problems were weak batteries. What are the odds that I would run in to two more people on a Sunday no less. I’m betting this is some new problem popping up on the CRV, and if it continues, it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a recall. I still love my CRV and love the way it drives, handles and feels.

There is a large Toyota dealership near my town that offers service appointments seven days per week. I think that this dealership is the exception to the rule, but there are some dealerships that do offer Sunday warranty service.

I live in South Florida. The dealerships name is Coral Springs Honda. I too was shocking when I called on Saturday when the problem first arrived, and the girl told me to bring in the next day. So I did. yep. Coral Springs Honda service is opened on Sundays.

If there is a large Jewish population in the area, then hours on Sunday give them 6 days a week too, since they attend religious services on Saturday.

Batteries get a little weaker day by day with use. Nothing can be done about that, physics. Your battery was weak last summer, but the symptoms started to show up when the temperature dropped during the winter. You can use the forum search feature here, type in weak battery, or something to that effect, and you’ll probably notice a lot of the posts are made during the winter. Around Thanksgiving time is when we usually start seeing them is large numbers, often in the form of a starting problem of some sort. You miht say you are in a warmer climate, so why did it happen to my car? The reason is that warmer climates are harder on batteries than colder climates. Folks who post here living in places like Minnesota usually report their batteries last 6-8 years. In New Orleans, 2-4 years.