Used Chevrolet Traverse or Buick Enclave - any issues?

looking to buy used traverse/enclave. are there any major concerns?

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Transmission Fault and/or Check Engine Light With Code P0716, P0776, P0717, P0777, P2714, P2715, and/or P02723 : Buick Enclave Drive Train ( | Car Problems, Car Complaints, & Repair/Recall Information

Stay away from the early year ones like 2019 -14 . They had a lot of issues back then .

I like the Enclave much better after driving both as rental cars. It’s quieter and more comfortable. Be sure to get a mechanic you trust to do a prepurchase inspection. It will be $100 well spent. Given the cost, you don’t want to take just any one to the mechanic. Remember that how the previous owner cared for the SUV is at least as important as complaints from other owners.