2008 Buick Enclave P0700 code

I just bought a used 2008 Buick Enclave with an error code p0700. I initially read that changing the solenoid is a good first step in fixing because the car won’t upshift like it should. Now I’m reading hundreds of terrifying reviews about transmission replacements. Has anyone had this issue that was fixed by replacing the solenoid or anything cheaper than an entire transmission replacement? Thank you greatly in advance!

I guess you are saying you bought this thing with the check engine light on. Is it too late to return it ? Some states have a time period where you can return a vehicle if from a dealer within a set amount of days. If not then it would be best to have an independent transmission shop ( Not a chain type ) look at it and make a recommendation . Throwing parts at a problem usually does not work .

I can’t tell you if this is solenoid problem or something more serious because I cannot read the transmission data from over the internet. I’d suggest you tow it to a professional with a scan tool that can see what is going on in the transmission and let them diagnose the problem. The P0700 code can be a pretty serious problem for driveability.

If you’d paid a mechanic give this car a good look before you bought it, you might not be in this “world of the unknowing” right now.

I had a '08 Enclave with 73,000 miles that I traded on a 2013 Enclave. One of the first things the salesman asked me was “have you had any transmission problems”? Apparently the '08 was notorious for tranny problems after about 70,000 miles.

I quickly made a deal on the '13 and after 80,000 miles, I still love it .

You will normally have another code other than p0700. It may need to be pulled from the transmission module separately. Most basic code readers are able to do this. It might help narrow down your problem. These transmissions are known for early failure and had there original warranty’s extended to address it.