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2016 Buick Enclave transmission feels weird?

hello all hope everyone is well and happy holidays. My Grandma just recent purchase A 2016 Buick Enclave and I do not know if the transmission is suppose to do this. This is our family first new car for them in over 20 years. When driving the car my younger brother and I felt the transmission feel a little sluggish. I tried to see if i can check the transmission fluid when i open the hood and its plastic. It doesn’t idle properly which again (sorry if i repeat myself.) If that is suppose to happen or not. To me i like the car just don’t like it computerized and also I dislike the fact that you have to check the oil etc on the tiny screen. Their no check engine light on nor a transmission dipstick for it. Is it just that this is a new transmission that needs to be broken in and I don’t need to worry? Please and thank you

Easy answer-Warranty. Have it looked at.

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That what I was thinking and I’m going to do that. Thank you

Additionally, if anyone tells you that the transmission “needs to be broken-in”, please IGNORE that person.

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While having it checked for warranty- at the Buick dealer- take another Enclave out for a test drive and see if it acts the same or different.

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I absolutely agree. Not only is the warranty a smart way to go from a monetary standpoint, but if you were to attempt to make any changes via any other process you might void your warranty for any possibly related operating problems in the future.

If the dealer say "we couldn’t find anything, try another of the same model (be sure it has the same drivetrain) off the lot and see if it behaves the same. If it does, it’s safe to assume that the performance is normal.

For the record, I just tried searching for the ‘16 Enclave’s available drivetrains to see if this has a CVT. Much to my dismay, it seems manufacturers no longer disclose mechanical information on their cars, at least not on their websites. Lots and lots of “connectivity” features, but nothing on the transmission. I miss the old days when manufacturers were proud of their cars’ mechanicals. :confused:

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Hello all and thank you for responding and Happy new year :smiley:. My grandma took it to the dealership mechanics and told them what the problem was but they couldn’t recreate the problem. My family and I took a night trip yesterday to Sarasota FL and hoping the problem could be recreated on a small trip like that. What I notice is that The rpm when starting the car on a cold day it would stay at 1000 RPM but when warmed up it would drop below that. From what i can find when driving i think the throttle body might be the cause or something else. This car has 5007 miles on it (my grandma bought it from the dealer with 4,007). The problem is interment as of right now (knock on wood) @the_same_mountainbik I agree i miss the old days as well. I will update this if anything else occurs and let you guys know if the problem is fixed or not :slight_smile:

It’s supposed to do that. The idle needs to be elevated when the engine is below full operating temp to keep idling. Realize that “full operating temp” for an engine is about 210F+/-. Even in Sarasota it doesn’t get that hot!


Could we be looking for a problem where one does not exist ?


I believe so from what Mr. Mountain bike responded to my puzzle.My family and I haven’t bought a new car in over twenty years so I am not caught up with the technology and other computerized parts as of yet. So again Thank you to all that responded and ease my mind. I thought it was a problem that might be major or something we had done to make it like that.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

The “warm idle” speed of that engine is most likely ~600 RPMs, so I would be concerned if the idle speed didn’t drop below 1k when the engine is warmed-up.
In the cold Northeast, my engine will initially idle as high as 1,500 RPMs for the first minute or two, will then drop to ~1k, and after a few minutes of driving will be idling at its normal 600 (or so) RPMs.

Wow I never knew that. At first when we got the car I was concerned that something was off or broken when it dropped. @the_same_mountainbik thank you both for telling me that

The 2016 Buick Enclave has a 3.6l V-6 and a 6 speed automatic transmission in all trim levels. When cold, the computer holds the transmission in lower gears to help warm the engine up quicker.

What a clever idea. When did they start doing that ? :astonished:


That is a perfect illustration of why you and your family members really need to spend some time perusing the Buick Owner’s Manual. Trust me…a LOT of things have changed with cars over the past 20 years, and I don’t mean that advice in a critical way. Knowing as much as possible about the controls and the features of this car will enable you and your family to get a lot more enjoyment from the vehicle, and to wind up with a lot less anxiety over things that are completely normal for modern vehicles that have electronic controls for many functions.

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Oh I understand that, and no problem I love hearing people advice good or bad :slight_smile: . Usually I am the one who reads the manuals when my family gets new cars but this time around I couldn’t do that because I was getting ready to head back to college when i noticed it. Before I head back I will read the manual and sit with my family. All I know is my grandmother love this car and it’s easier for her to get in and out and its not to high for her. If she happy then It makes me happy. Again sorry if i Repeat myself but thank you and to all for helping me and easing my mind a bit :slight_smile: