Junk yards

Hey I have a lexus IS300 2001 that I am trying to find body parts for. however this seems to be somewhat difficult. I have tried calling local junk yards but this is time-consuming. So i was hoping to find a good online search engine that could locate parts for me. does anyone know of a good online way to search. or a better way to search salvage yards then just calling them. Thanks I live in chattanooga tn if that makes a difference.

Actually, junkyards today are networked to one another. I think the problem you’re having may be more a result of the car not being a high volume vehicle and not being very old.

There are, however, aftermarket suppliers of body parts that supply body shops and can deliver right to your house. Be advised, however, that while you’ll be surpprised at how inexpensive the parts are, you’ll also be surprised at the shipping costs…


There are no more “junk yards”…They are now called “Automotive Recycling Centers”…

Goldwing is right. Car-Part.com is an online listing of junkyards from all over the USA. Works great, also try Ebay

Try www.lkqcorp.com/

the IS is a rare car not a lot of them where made thats theproblem with finding a junked car to part out.

Agreed. An IS300 is not common at all.

In dealing with many a wrecking yard…OOPS , uh…recycler…over the years I have found that many many ( too many ) times I have to specifically ASK them to run the national locator !
“Yah, uh, we don’t have that.”

  • “what about someone else”
    “Gee, uh, i donknow.”
  • “Well, put it on the locator and check”
    “Oh yah, well ok, looks like *** has it in Tupalo.”

Most recently, one of my big yards in Albuquerque has become franchised with LKQ. Thank God, cuz now it’s ‘‘one phone call’’ easy and they’ll tell me a used or reman choice, a choice of warranties, and my frieght options all in one sentence

You may need to stop them mid-sentence and ASK/MAKE them to run a national locator.
AND , Look for an LKQ affiliated recycler.


Ken I was at a LQK warehouse. I can tell you this is way it should always have been done. One side has all the used parts on racks and bar coded. The other side is all aftermarket. If it can be found the people at LQK can find it. Also you can sell your car/truck to them.

Hee hee. Some years ago I was looking for a fender, bumper and grill for a 62 Fairlane for a friend. I was in South Dakota and stopped at a large “yard”. Nope, didn’t have one but got on the radio to supposedly do a search. No results there so guess nobody has one. Finally stopped at one of the local yards and talked to one of those guys that has been there for 30 years and knows where everything is. Yep, there’s one way in the back by the tree on top a couple other cars. We’ll have to get Hank to crawl up there if ya wanna come back tomorrow. Cost me $25.
So much for nation-wide searches in the 80’s.