Used car has no manual where can I get one? No it wasn't stolen

I bought a used 07 ford 500 but there is no manual and would like to have one. ideas?

Try this link:

If you want a hard copy I would try ebay

eBay is usually a good source for owner’s manuals. Hey, maybe that’s where yours ended up!

Helm Inc. Has A Brand New Owner’s Manual In Stock & Ready To Ship For Your Ford.

They supply the genuine original Owners Manuals and Service Manuals for many major car companies. I have been using them for decades. They are very efficient and have been quite helpful.

Your manual is in stock for $25, or $35 for the fancy portfolio version that came with new car (usually has a cloth or vinyl case), + S&H. I’d spring for the $35 portfolio one. You’ll like it. Helm is usually very prompt.

Here’s a link to what I’m looking at:

Here’s their link with a list of car manufacturer’s manuals from which customers can choose: Click on them! has inexpensive used manuals of all sorts.

wow what service thanks so much. I already tried ebay but will follow up on the two other leads. mm

MM, You’re Welcome.

Google is your friend 5 second search and here is a pdf you can print!

Waterboy, The First Response From Cigroller Gave A Download Link.

[i]It crashed when I tried it[/i]

The previously mentioned fleetford is good and so is Even if you don’t like Ford for other reasons, you have to like them for making manuals easily available. Download the service schedule/log while you are there as well.

Helm has a $7.00 processing fee for every order and a minimum $10.00 shipping fee. The have owed me $65.00 for a FSM that their site said contained driveability info and did not for a week now. To speak in their defense they are giving me a full refund,just slowly.