Owners Manual?

When I bought my car I never received an owners manual and was wondering if there are different manuals for automatic and manual transmissions, or 4 wheel drives, or are they all included in one manual? I hope I didn’t sound too confusing and would greatly appriciate your advice

Most owners manuals cover most options for that model vehicle, at least the ones I’ve always had. But, what sort of information were you looking for? If it is more than maintenance schedules, like wiring diagrams or repair specs, you may be better looking for a shop manual. Check Ebay for either. A lot of times, you can get lucky, and find one cheap.

Some manufacturers, such as Ford, will allow you to download the owner’s manuals for free from their websites.

If you bought your car new you are entitled to an owner’s manual. Notify your salesman.

If you bought a used car it is up to you to obtain an owner’s manual. There is only one manual per model, covering all transmissions, all accessories, convertible tops, and so on.

They sell it on ebay. Probably your car’s is now on sale there! It doesn’t matter what options you have. I have found that investing in a repair manual is better than buying the glossy owner’s manual.