Best in-depth repair/shop manual

Hi everyone! I am looking for a shop manual/ repair manual that goes fairly in-depth. I have a haynes manual as-is and its fairly helpful but it has its limits.

Note: I have. ‘93 ford F-250 if that helps.

I would think the factory repair manual would be the most in-depth you can get

The CD-Rom version of the Ford service manual is going for $30-$40 on Ebay and Amazon. Including all 3 volumes.

Im assuming y’all mean like that?

Tbh, thats a lot cheaper but would require me to get a new computer. Mines old and the CD drive went out awhile back. Besides I like having books and something physical to look at in general.

Actually the wife’s works BUT: can you print pages you need from the CD? Because having a laptop sitting on the truck while im taking it apart seems like a bad idea.

Yep the factory manual, published by the manufacturer and/or sold by Helm. I’ve seen manuals that say they are factory manuals but end up as Haynes. Yeah I’ve paid over $200 in the past for factory manuals and usually need a couple books that include the body info.

Keep googling, you should be able to find a used paper (book, manual) version of the Ford shop manual for your vehicle. Note that Ford would usually offer a set of shop manuals, not just one. One for the powertrain, one for the body, one for the wiring diagrams, etc. If you can only find them on CD (Ford may sell these in CD form even now) , yes, it is easy to print out whatever pages you need. You don’t need to have your laptop out in the garage if you don’t want to. has a “literature” tab for most vehicles. I see it has a Haynes, Chilton, and Bishko manuals for the 4 L version of your vehicle. The Bishko is a paper manual and appears to be the exact Ford shop manual drivetrain & emissions section, so it should cover the engine and transmission very thoroughly. It may not have the full set of wiring diagrams however. And it won’t offer any help with body repairs, broken door hinges, etc.

There’s a couple other options. Ford itself may offer an on-line version of the full set of shop manuals for a subscription fee. But it might be a pretty big fee. And AllData (an auto repair data base service many pro shops use) will have a condensed version of the shop manual including a full set of wiring diagrams that you can get by subscription for a relatively small fee. Also there’s a general information book titled “Fix Your Ford” which is surprisingly good and very specific where you need it, but tends to focus more on the 1965-1979 era, but still has coverage to the 90’s I think.

Were I in your situation and I couldn’t find a full set of paper shop manuals, I’d probably go with a Chilton/Haynes paper manual, combined w/ an AllData single-vehicle subscription.

That might not be a bad idea. I think I have used alldata before and it was… kinda helpful. I last used it for the steering column troubleshooting and it did help but.

If ford still has a rep or sells the CD’s I will definitely try and go that route. I would rather pay the extra and have it. Besides, itll add to my shop literature collection.

I have an early 70’s Ford truck, and use a Chiltons and Haynes. The Chiltons is good for some things like the configuration of the parts in the free wheeling front hubs, but the Haynes for others, like the electrical system. For an early 70’s Ford, the entire electrical wiring diagram is only 4 pages. Believe it or not, I could have purchased a complete Ford Shop Manual for $7.50 at the time I bought the truck nearly new, but decided I couldn’t afford it. … lol …

Just look on ebay

Chances are somebody’s selling the factory service manuals, powertrain, body, wiring diagram, etc., as George mentioned, as a set

If you’re going to hang onto this truck for a few years, it’s worth buying, in my opinion

And buying a set of paper manuals is easier than buying a new computer

They’re available on eBay either as a set or individual books.


Yes I plan on keeping it for awhile. I hope to retire her as a daily, but it’ll probably be a long while before I can afford a brand new truck. Then she’ll be my project and probably be rebuilt if I can.

Haynes does a pretty good overview and some stuff I can say that for sure. Hahaha, are you kicking yourself for it or smiling and enjoying its current cost?|Make%3AFord|Model%3AF-250|Submodel%3AXLT|Engine+-+Liter_Display%3A5.8L|Trim%3AXLT+Extended+Cab+Pickup+2-Door|Engine%3A5.8L+351Cu.+In.+V8+GAS+OHV+Naturally+Aspirated&epid=580678778&hash=item25d030cd71:g:cccAAMXQlgtS4n0l

So for my model year its a 2-book set???

The CD has 3 volumes printed on the label. This paper set is without the third one which is for diesel engines.

When I bought my Olds diesel, to complete the deal I asked that they throw in a repair manual and they did. It was a used one from the shop with the current year supplement but was fine. I ask for touch up paint now though. The best one I had was for my 68 Dodge. It was well organized and had real pictures instead of the line drawings you get now. Sometimes its really helpful to actually see a picture.

Ah okay. I have a gas engine so thats not a big deal.

You better make sure that set includes wiring diagrams and vacuum schematics . . . that’s often in a different book

Yes those didn’t come with the factory manuals to the best of my knowledge. However, they can be purchased separately and I think my hanyes manual has a few of them and enough to content me for now.