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Ford Fusion Service/Repair Manual

Just bought a 2006 Fusion, and am in shock that Haynes (etc.) do not publish service manuals for my “new” heap! Anyone know of a reliable alternate source for DIYr’s?—Thanks!

You can try this website:

Dave, Are You Sitting Down ? Helm Inc. Sells The Real Thing, A 2006 Fusion/Milan/Zephyr Factory Workshop Manual, But It Will Run You $180 + S&H (In Stock).

I buy these factory manuals for every one of our cars. They don’t “cost”, they “pay”.
You can make up the cost in just one or two repairs. These babies should come with the car !

Shop Manual has detailed repair instruction written by Ford. Information contained in each body type specific manual, has been developed to aid technicians in diagnosing and repairing vehicle components and systems. Each manual covers the entire vehicle bumper to bumper including specifications, diagnosis and testing, in vehicle repairs, component removal and installation and complete engine and transmission rebuilding.

Here’s the link:


Haynes should publish one soon if not already, you can also download repair manual on the internet or go with a service like alldata and just subscribe.