Use-restricted photos?

I’m aware poster’s here aren’t supposed to upload photos that might be copyright protected. But I’ve always thought it was ok to post a web link to a website that contains a photo. Then folks can click on the link to see the photo(s) if they want. Is that more or less correct?

It’s probably acceptable under the fair use exclusion since us uploading photos is non-commercial and usually educational. By educational I mean the photos illustrate points we make to help others understand something.

I am in a photo group,AL is stealing stuff, there are programs out there to fool AI if you want to protect your photos.

A specialty forum I am on, the owner watermarks ALL the pics he post…

I have posted a lot of pics on the same forum, build threads etc and have no issues if someone repost them elsewhere… But I also don’t make money selling them either, so there is that… lol

Useless, try glaze or nightshade. Glaze - What is Glaze

Yes you can link to anything. I think there have been some rare exceptions where courts have disagreed where someone has a link to some illegal content that is hosted on some foreign server that the USA can’t do anything about.

Problem is on the forum I’m not sure how to guarantee that it is just a link and not being cached by the forum unless I put it inside [code] and make people copy and paste it.

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