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Looks like someone is trying to spam the website

Someone needs to look at this and block the user and ip address. In fact ALL ip address from that group/country.

WARNING…don’t click on those links…My anti-virus software says it’s a virus…

All I see is Arabic, so I wouldn’t even know if it were a link

It looks like there will be a lot of work for the web lackeys here. I thank them in advance!

All you have to do is over the mouse over the text and it changes the pointer…indicating a URL. Or you could just view source like I did.

Still nothing compared to the MCX-7 forum a few weeks ago. In the span of less than a week, this bot made almost 24,000 posts(with up to 2k+ per day). I dunno whether the bot owner got tired of being able to post so much(the forum isn’t moderated anymore nor does the owner of the site care), or it blew up from making so many posts continuously.

24,000 posts…then it wasn’t done by human. Someone wrote a program to do it. Many websites are implementing the “Type the word you see” where the word is stretched and jumbled. No program has been able to get around this yet.

Right. Block everyone from a particular country. That’s a fantastic idea.

I know for a fact that I can’t read Arabic, Persian, Osmanli Turkish, Urdu, or any of the other languages written with an Arabic(-like) script, so why would I click on those links?

On the other hand, didn’t you have to click on a link for your anti-virus software to check it out?

Scared yet, kids?

Oh I’m sure it was a program(which I referred to as a bot), it made like 3 to 5 posts per minute.
And as I said, the site owner doesn’t care about the site, and no one is around to moderate it anymore

I tried to post on a local history website and I was blocked without explanation. I emailed the webmaster to find out why and was told it was because I had a gmail address and they had had too many spam messages wilt gmail addresses.

What s/he meant was “we’re too cheap to pay for anti-spam software and we’re running our website out of my basement.”

On the other hand, didn’t you have to click on a link for your anti-virus software to check it out?

No…there are services you can use for Free to check the link for you. Dr.Web Link checker is one. There are others. Just extract the URL from the link and then use one of the services to see if the URL is safe.

Many web-sites block users with e-mails from the e-mail mills like Yahoo or gMail. This is common and it works. Spam blockers are really only effective for blocking the spam programs that will spam web-sites like this. This was done by an individual typing (actually pasting) in text…which there is no blocker for - unless this website wants to block ALL posted URL’s which is NOT very useful.