URGENT, PLEASE HELP! New driver and new car owner. I don't know what to do Nissan Versa S 2009

Hello, I have a 2009 Nissan Versa S. It is my first car and it is suddenly having problems. It was fine one day and then yesterday, I tried to drive it and the steering wheel was tight and the pedals (accelerator and break) were both tight as well. The steering wheel wasn’t “locked” (at least I don’t think) because I could still move it somewhat. I had to push hard for pedals to work. Also when I tried putting the car in reverse, it went forward (???). All of a sudden, when starting the car it makes sounds. I don’t drive it often (only short distances to the store, etc). I’m not sure what to do. It has been driving fine and I just got an oil change 3 and a half weeks ago. It had the check engine light on for catalyst damage and I got a new one installed 3 weeks ago as well. If you think you know what’s going on, please let me know. I REALLY need help and will appreciate all answers. Thank you so much in advance.

It sounds like you have a dead battery but that might not be the case. The accelerator pedal should move the same with car on or off . The Brake pedal with feel different with the car on or off . Do you not know someone who can look at your vehicle that can give better details ?
Making sounds is not really going to help the mechanics who post here . Also who said you needed a catalytic Convertor ?

From now on only have the codes read by Auto Zone and post them here or use Google to see what they might mean. Do not just have parts replaced by what the counter people at Auto Zone say as most of them are not mechanics.


The motor starts and idles? And makes noises while you are still in park? Does it have a tach? I would check idle voltage first. But you need a meter. It won’t move in gear? Ugh, cvt trans?

Your post is very murky to me with some oddities so pardon what seems like idiotic questions.

Does the engine start and idle at this time?
Any noise from the car AFTER it starts?
Will the engine rev when you depress the accelerator pedal?
You say the accelerator pedal is hard to depress. The floor mat is not pushed up underneath is it?


I might feel bad if I paid for a new cat and the cvt trans died the next week. But that’s just me. My kids v6 twin cat rig needs a new flex pipe. But I hate to try and replace 1 cat/pipe as it’s a can o worms.

Like ok4450, I’m confused by what you’re explaining, but I do suggest that you check the oil right now and make sure it’s at the right level.

The engine starts and i can move the car, but really slowly if I push the accelerator really hard. No noises after it starts (when it starts it has repeated clicking noises). The engine does not rev when I depress the accelerator and the floor mat isn’t pushed under it.

Update: I had someone try and charge up the battery and it didn’t help any. The noises sound like it’s trying to rev up but can’t. Pedals and Steering wheel are still tight. Checked the oil level and it is fine.

It would take several hours to recharge the battery.

No offence but you really need someone to look at your vehicle and describe the problems better. It won’t rev up if it not running under it’s own power . The steering will be ( tight ) if the engine is not running because you will not have any power assist.

Did this person try to jump start the vehicle ? It may be the battery is so far gone that it will not take a charge.

Thank you. I’m getting help from safety officers who probably had to leave to help other residents (hence why they told me after 10 mins that it wasn’t working) and I obviously know nothing (I’m sure everyone in this discussion can tell lol). I’m gonna take it to a shop, I just wanted opinions on what it might be.

Things are still murky. By trying to rev up do you mean the engine is trying to rev up while running OR do you mean the starter motor is physically cranking the engine over faster but it will not start and run?

Tight pedals and steering wheel could be because the engine is not running.

I’m sure if any of us were there with car in hand it could be sorted out fairly quickly.

And which transmission? Manual or automatic?

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I don’t take any offence to your comment, this is my first time having a car and I know my descriptions aren’t the best. The person who helped me used an automatic battery charger to try and help. I’m taking it to a shop on Monday to figure out what’s really wrong. I’m in a “small” town currently and not near family/friends that could help and all the shops here are either closed at the moment or I’m unable to reach them.

It’s an automatic transmission. It’s making a lot of noise when I try and start it then make a rev noise and when I turned the key more to the right then it makes a sound like it gave out (???)

This is still murky to me. Pardon this seemingly idiotic question but you refer to it running and then you refer to it as TRYING to start.

Most of what you related seems to point to an engine that will not start because of a weak battery or corroded battery terminals. That is strictly a wild guess on my part. Engine running and trying to start are not one and the same. A weak battery/corroded cable ends is not a serious problem.

I agree with lion9car that you need to check the motor oil level just in case. This is something you need to learn to do and do it on a regular basis. Say after every 2 or 3 gasoline fillups. Countless engines are damaged or destroyed all the time because people do not do this simple procedure. Physical size and gender makes no difference. Anyone can do it.

When my petite daughter turned 16 and got her first car she wanted to learn how to do automotive maintenance. I showed her and she would spend a few minutes every other weekend checking all fluids, belt condition, check for leaks, etc. She still does that while in her 30s.
She changed her own oil and when the front brakes came due she performed a full brake job on her own. All I did was sit on a tire and offer instructions. Brake pads, serviced the slides, new rotors; she did it all solo.

OP might not know what a running motor sounds like. Really. I turn key, put in gear and car moves. I believe turning key is majority of skill set for many people.

I hate to say it again but young people that know nothing about cars, not even if they are running or not, with no helpful family or friends around, and on a tight budget, really should buy new. With a warranty and dealer service. Even if they have to lease, especially if the brand is known as a little less than reliable. Usually they’ll give you a car to use while they fix it, and everything at no additional cost.

If the engine has started, why would you turn the key to the right?

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A starter can be noisy when cranking the motor. It’s possible motor is running now and it might even be quieter. Would be nice if car had tach. But I bet a versa does not.