2009 Versa- trouble starting

I literally drove this car off the lot yesterday. The first time I turned it off, it had trouble turning over. It’s done the same thing twice today. It does start on the second try. I saw that the 07 and 08’s have fuel pump problems. Has anyone heard anything about the 09’s? Could this just be a minor glitch that will clear up? I plan to take it in on Monday if it’s still happening, but would like to have something more to tell them…

It may be that the engine is still tight and the problem will clear up after the engine is broken in. It won’t hurt to have it checked out by the dealer’s service department, though.

When you speak to them make sure you make it clear what happens when you turn the key. Many,many,many,many,many people have a problem with describing a engine that has trouble turning over (mechanics call this cranking) or one that cranks correctly but won’t start.

A fuel pump problem will not keep an engine from turning over but could keep it from starting.

I have no hope that you know what I am talking about.

Whatever it turns out to be, make sure your complaint and their resolution is clearly documented on the repair order and keep it in your records, just in case.

It won’t clear up by itself. Problems built into a new car don’t. It should start promptly and reliably every time.

In a brand new car it also usually turns out to be some small part that needs adjusting or is defective. The Nissan dealer will be happy to fix it without argument. Nissan is not one of those in financial trouble.

Try this: turn the key to “ON,” wait 5 seconds (you can afford five seconds, can’t you?), then turn the key to “START.” I’ll bet the engine will start every time. If I’m wrong post back and tell me.

Hey I have the same vehicle and mine is beginning to have the same trouble and it sounds like the battery is losing charge. I’m curious to find out what your problem was before I go in to get my car checked out at the dealer. My mileage is at 6300 so the battery shouldn’t be going, but I’d read reports of the same thing happening to others.

How long had the vehicle been on the lot before you bought it?
It could be that the vehicle sat so long the battery doesn’t hold a charge like it should