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Upgrading older nav screens?

Hi, I am not very familiar with modifying or upgrading stereos or infotainment screens, but I’m trying to figure out my options for an old 2007 Lexus RX400H.

This car has the nav screen plus the basic Lexus stereo (including a cassette tape deck lol) and there is Bluetooth for phone calls but not audio streaming. Also the nav screen handles some of the ac options.

Most of the upgrades I see are all-in-one touch screens plus dvd stereo, etc which don’t seem like they would work in place of the existing nav screen. Or there is the Grom Vline that delivers carplay to the existing stereo and screen display. I don’t think I want to replace the existing stereo with a second touch screen, so I have been looking at the Vline primarily. But it seems expensive and a little silly to have an android display on a very old touch screen. Is there just a basic plug and play replacement screen that I could swap for the existing nav screen? I just want a better display screen with higher resolution and color.

Or maybe there is a better option I should be considering? Any advice appreciated, thanks.

I think the better option for a 13 year old hybrid is to get a new car!


Ok sure just give me the cash and I will lol.

With interest rates close to zero, like they are now, you don’t need cash. Just “sign and drive”,

In as much as the HVAC is controlled through your touch screen, I doubt you have any options.

I am surprised, is there really no one selling just basic monitor upgrades without adding various unnecessary features to it?

I was talking to a guy with a Tesla, as far as I could see everything was on a touch screen. Being an OG, I want knobs and buttons! But want modern features too.

Sounds like a peripheral control panel (custom made.)

These upgrades are very expensive. A friend tried this with an 11 year old Honda Accord.

He decided instead to by a new universal unit for half the price and stick it on the dash.

As mentioned old luxury cars cost an arm and a leg to keep them in pristine condition; most owners only fix what is necessary to keep the vehicle moving.safely.

A friend recently went to a Subaru dealer to buy a used one. He went for a test drive, when they got back to the dealership, he told the salesman he wanted a car without a touchscreen, that he wanted a radio with a volume knob on the left, a tuning knob on the right, and buttons in between for station presets. The salesman laughed him out of the place.

To actually get an answer just drive the vehicle to a well rated auto stereo and accessory shop. After that you will most likely decide to not spend the money .

Give Crutchfield a call, see if they have any options for you.


Unfortunately you appear to be an Apple person. If you were an Android person, considering the age of the car, I would have suggested just making do with Android Auto standalone until you end up with a newer car.