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Burned-In Display Screens, 96 Lexus LS 400

What are my options for repairing/replacing the burned-in display screens for the climate control and sound system of my '96 Lexus LS 400?

You may be sucessful in finding a business that repairs these screens,is this a common problem with the Lexus? Maybe the problem being “burned in” precludes any type of repair.

I would ask at companies that repair digital clusters for my first shot.

I suppose Lexus says “new only”. Seems to be a potential job for one who has a talent for electronics and will invest in finding out what goes wrong with the displays. Would it not be funny if it is just a $1.00 capicator?

Are The Displays Readable?

Since this car is now 12-1/2 to 13-1/2 years old I think the displays have surpassed their useful lives. Many TVs and other video electronics never make it to that age. I would say that if you can still read them then just leave them alone. I’m guessing the remedy would be extremely costly. These displays probably just represent the more obvious components of the vehicle that are wearing, aging, and deteriorating. Instead of endlessly chasing parts to renew, save the money and keep driving. Put the money toward a newer model.

I understand your position exactly. One of the features of your otherwise excellent vehicle is inop and you want to fix it,like getting minor dents fixed or keeping the onboard computer working. When you leave things like this inop it starts a downward spiral of systems that dont work.

I don’t know where thinking that a 1996 vehicle is not worth keeping up inregards to keeping its systems functioning. This “don’t fix just buy new” mindset is foreign to me where, did it come from?

We have had many discussions where people have taken the “no-servivable parts inside” lable and shown the manufacture some good old American can do spirit.

I Agree That One Needs To Keep Up With Repairs To Avoid A Downward Spiral.

Since I am advising not replacing or repairing the displays, I have assumed they are functional but at less than brand new quality. I did state earlier, " I would say that if you can still read them then just leave them alone."

We need to hear from Jane as to the functionality of the units. Do they still work and suffer only aesthetic deterioration or are they no longer conveniently or practically usable?

We need to help figure something out if they no longer function. I repair many “no-user-serviceable parts inside” items. I’m not above using recycled parts, also.

Jane, please talk to us. What does “burned in” look like?

A little Googling turned this up :

I’m not at all familiar with Lexus cars and I believe from the info above that the 96 display is different to those listed - they may however be a good starting point and able to point you in the right direction, particularly if you’re handy with a soldering iron.

Thanks for the replies. The screens are completely unreadable at this point. I’m getting along - if I’m cold I press the temp button up, if I’m hot I press it down (in auto mode). There’s other lights to indicate defrost, AC on, recirc v. fresh air.

You might find replacements at a salvage yard from a newer LS400 2000 is the last year. After that, the LS430 was made. Maybe the screens are the same in the updated version. You probably can’t just buy the screen. you will have to replace the entire unit.