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2015 Lexus NX 300H - changing nav

how can I upgrade my navigation system currently it is not installed in the vehicle it is a NX 200 T not the 300

So you have a nav system and want a software upgrade?? visit Lexus, bring your wallet.

Or, you don’t HAVE nav and want one? The cheapest is to use the one on your smart phone, next, buy a Garmin or similar or third, remove the factory radio and install an aftermarket unit with navigation. Finally the most expensive by far is to contact Lexus and have them install a factory model. May not be possible.

I am like Mr. Mustang I really don’t know what you want to do . An upgrade to a factory installed navigation can cost up to 200.00 . A Magellan or Garmin portable unit will have free upgrades and you can take with for the next vehicle.

Think you need to move the decimal point to the right…:slightly_smiling_face: