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Update on 2000 Flex Fuel Ranger

I found out that the flex fuel sensor (fuel compensation sensor) is malfuntioning in my 2000 Ranger I just bought. The only thing I dont understand is why it still runs? I called the Ford dealership and they told me that if the sensor is bad the truck will not run for a while, then all of a sudden it will start but only temporarily until it decides it doesnt want to run anymore. It is very temper mental and hard to narrow down what causes it. I actually crawled under the truck the other day while it was running and disconnected the wiring that goes to the sensor. The truck still continued to run normally. No change in idle, nothing. I was starting to wonder what would happen if I continued to drive it. Has anybody else heard of this or have any solutions to this other than replacing the sensor for $600? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Salvage Yard Sensor? That Would Go For $15, With Warranty At My “Take It Off Youself” Yard.

That truck is 9-10 years old, now. They blow those parts out on the way to the crusher.


Ditto on a used one. ( keep the price of a new one to yourself )
My ford dealer has sold so few of those that I can’t even find a tech who knows what happens when you leave it unplugged.

A poor sales history is a GOOD sign of a part’s longevity. your chances of getting a good used one are high, provided you find a flex fuel ranger in the bone yards. 'round these parts there’s no e85 so we sold no flex fuel rangers from our lot. The gov’t motor pools had some and had no flex fuel related problems.