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Flex Fuel sensor (update)

I thank everyone here for leading me to junk yards to find a used flex fuel sensor for my 2000 Ranger. Unfortunately I have called every junk yard in the phone book and only one in the entire state of Maine had one, but when they took it off the truck they damaged the aluminum casing and recommended that I dont bother trying. They were convinced that it wouldn’t work. I am still stumped on the idea that I can unplug the sensor and still get no different response from the engine. It still runs fine, and still throws a check engine light whether it is plugged in or not. Tested the connector for power and am getting power to the sensor, I just have no way of checking to see if there is power exiting the sensor back to the truck’s computer. Once again if anybody has any other ideas, it would be greatly appreciated to hear it. Thanks in advance

If I had a 2000 Ranger I would have the factory wiring diagrams for it.

Their might be a note on the diagrams such as outputs 0 volts with unleaded or 5 volts when E85 is detected.

If thats how it works theres no problem. Just run unleaded. E85 is a scam anyway

You say the check engine light is on. Whats the trouble code/s

OOPS, just read another of your threads on this.

As oldschool mentioned you need the troubleshooting flow chart for the fuel sensor trouble code.

That should tell you how the idiotic/useless/PITA thing works.

Once you understand how it works you might be able to rig it so the CEL goes out.

Looks like your trouble code is P0176.

See this link