E85 fuel pump

For almost a year now my local Ford dealer has been replacing (under repair warranty) my fuel pump in my 2000 Ranger. This has happened at least 4 times and no luck yet, they keep on failing. I feel that they are just throwing parts at my truck to see if one sticks. The original reason I took it in was because the check engine light came on. When they attached the diagnostic tool it show numbers that indicated that the fuel was too lean on both banks of the fuel system. As I mentioned they have replaced the pump over and over, also replaced the Mass Air Flow sensor. I’m at wits end as the 1 year warranty is about to expire and still no satisfaction. HELP!!!

A lean problem on both banks could point to a vacuum leak problem and a fuel pump is not likely the cause. Anyone who replaces a pump 4 times should probably be avoided.

Just some food for thought, but maybe they never replaced the pump more than once, if at all, and this is all part of placebo/pacification program; a.k.a. BS.

If those are Ford pumps being replaced under a FOMOCO parts warranty then I would strongly imagine FOMOCO would have something to say about this after the 2nd warranty claim.

Ask to view the OASIS report; just to see if there’s any truth behind this 4 pump story.

Fuel lean condition could be caused by a slight air leak somewhere in the intake manifold system. If air is getting in through a route other than past the MAF, the MAF won’t sense it and the computer will inject too little fuel for the amount of air the engine is actually sucking in. Have them check all vacuum lines, intake gaskets, etc, for an air leak.

Take it to someone else and have them perform a smoke test. They will be able to see just where it is leaking and fix the problem.

Why are u referring to the pump as e85? I know what flex fuel is and all, but do u think the issue is due to using e85 as fuel? Have u tried using e10 and see if issue goes away?

Is a '00 Ranger even E85 compatible? When did Ford and others start pushing this?

I’m assking because if OP is actually running 85% ethanol in a vehicle designed for 10% EtOH max, it would explain the too lean error codes.

What happens is, ethanol requires a different (i.e. richer) air/fuel mixture than gasoline (E0). The car senses mixture via the O2 sensor and “trims” the AFR…within certain limits.

Running E85 in a vehicle not designed for it exceeds the vehicle’s ability to trim the mixture, causing it to run too lean, and set off a CEL code.

So, OP…have you been running E85 in this truck?

local news story mentions gas station that is pushing even more Exx options. all of our gas is e10. now they are offering e15 which has been discussed all summer. the camera showed the pump and it also had e30 gas? what the bleep? so now they offer e10, e15, e30 and the evil e85, whew,

Ethanol gasoline is 2 cents a gallon cheaper around here compared to regular unleaded so why bother with it…

Has the dealer checked the fuel pressure?

You have lean condition now. Fuel pressure is good. Pressure regulator is good. Any and all oxy sensors have been checked and are good. So fuel side is good. Are you getting extra air in intake? Any manifold gaskets. Maf plenum duct is good. No cracks. Throttle Body is good. No warped mounting flanges. Good tb gasket. Worn tb throttle shaft?

@Stoveguy: I’m pretty sure this problem is operator induced. I’ve had it happen to me when I was playing around with ethanol fuels in a (non-FFV) '98 Contour: mixes much above E30 would set a “too lean” CEL.

Absent clarification from OP, we have a non-approved fuel issue.

Like the suggestions, I will take all of them up with the dealer. I mentioned it was and E85 pump was just to inform it was more than a normal gasoline pump. Thanks for the great input.