Fuel Composition switch?

2000 Ford Ranger 4X4 3.0L. I wrote last night about what i know about this truck. Had no replies on it so I got more information. The problem supposidly is the “Fuel Composition switch”. Isnt this switch only for Flex Fuel vehicles? Ive done a little bit of research on it in the past hour and that is what i have gathered from other folks on the net with newer GM vehicles, flex fuel, but not Fords. Im still convinced this could be an inertia switch. Is this logical?

If you want more information the topic for my last post was “Leave it to Ford on this one…Inertia switch?”

Here’s The Link To: "Leave it to Ford on this one…Inertia switch?"

Dodge Racer. I Did Have To “Reset” The Inertia Switch In The Kick Panel Of An Escort, Once.

The car was tipped (jolted) a little and went into hibernation like you describe. I don’t know about other swithces on the frame or for flex fuel, etcetera.

Can you take a “recycling yard” inertia switch to the vehicle and try it? Has anybody pushed the little red “reset button” on the existing switch in the dead vehicle?


On Flex-Fuel vehicles there’s what is called a “Discriminator Sensor” that measures the concentration of ethanol in the fuel. From this the computer can make the proper adjustments for operating between E10 and E85 fuel. If the vehicle is not a Flex-Fuel vehicle, it doesn’t have this sensor.


Okay, so aparently the truck is fine now. I got into it today and put the key in the ignition, it started right up. No hesitation at all. Drove the vehicle to my house, looked it over from head to toe, noticed the check engine light was still on. Brought the truck to my mechanic so he can put the scanner on it. He came up with a code that had the words “Fuel compensation sensor” in it. I cant remember exactly what it said but I think it said it was faulty. Cleared the codes, and had to shut off and restart the vehicle several times in a row to get the code to show again. So far I have personally put about 45 miles on the truck since this morning and have had no problems as far as idling/running. Any more ideas?

My idea is a simple one, follow the troubleshooting chart for the current code (by your post I conclude you do have a current code). Why don’t you want to do this?