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on 8/21/07 i logged on for the first time.i have a 87 lin 302 with a bad rear engine leak.my mechanic said rear main but to coastly. my other buddy said there was a screen below the pcv . i finally found the location. i stuck a long needle nose pliers down in the hole and pulled and twisted & it came out. it"s about 1 inch high & boy was it plugged. bought a new one put it in & now " no leak" what a relief jusd thought you ghys would like to know. thanks for previous help. the original log in was:::on 8/21/07 under:re 87 oil leak thanks p.s sorry for the spelling


Thanks a million for the info. This one will definitely go in my “tickler file”. I’ll bet you were even more relieved than your crankcase pressure!

Great to hear it was something simple.


Great that it was something so inexpensive and easy to fix.
Maybe a word to your mechanic about this would be in order since the PCV is the first thing he should have considered instead of WAGing.




It is always good to hear about one that turned out OK.


Wild A$$ Guess.


Glad to hear it was the PCV system, and not the more drastic possibilities.

We always like to hear back about what fixed a problem.