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Unwanted passenger

while zipping to work this morning on Rt 80 a mouse started running around on my passenger side! Still shocked that I didn’t crash I’m panicked about the ride home. I have had “something” nesting and eating my cabin air filter but never saw the culprit…HELP dealer no help!

D-con; walmart, farm stores, hardware stores.

if you want to find the dead body rolling around, d-con would work.

I’ve heard Tabasco sauce is an excellent deterrent for mice and other critters without the mess. Dab it in areas around the places you think they’ve been(including your engine bay as they like to nibble on wires)

The problem with D-con is that if he crawls into an inaccessable cavity to die your vehicle will stink to high heavens while the corpse rots. I’ve smelled a rotting mouse in a wall cavity and it is not pretty…but it IS pretty sickening!

I’d suggest a Have-A-heart tap or something similar, with a dab of peanut better as bait. Mice LOVE peanut butter.

Those high frequency electronic “noise makers” to discourage rodents aren’t suppose to work. I put three in my garage and haven’t seen a squirrel or mouse since. I think it’s worth a try. I would also set traps outside and around the car baited with peanut butter. Once you’re sure he/she/they are out, my dealer suggested that heater vent be closed by setting it on recirculate to limit their access.
BTW, if your car is left in a garage, you now have a mouse problem there as well. Expand your trapping, noise making strategy there as well.

One problem with setting it to recirculate is one I had happen last winter. I came out to find the inside of my windshield had frozen over(as in needing a scraper to clear it off), and the outside was barely fogged up.

Take your cat for a long drive.


Cats Are Cheap And Easy To Get. Obtain A Cat Specifically For The Car. They make Non-Spill Food Dishes And Litter Boxes For Just This Application.

I have caught several mice in this type of trap!!!

I got a live trap at the local farm store that has a see through top to see if the critter is trapped. I simply put a handful of sunflower seeds in it and wait. The beauty of a live trap is no death stink in the car.

They’re easy to get but almost impossible to get rid of! The shelters are all full (won’t take any more cats) and the supply far exceeds the demand.

I had to get rid of mine for medical reasons and I had to post multiple “free” ads in the local paper and wait. It took months. Eventually someone called. I learned that many, many people simply give up, drive their cats out into the wilderness, and let them loose…then hope they don’t find their way home.

The last two cats I have had turned up their noses at having to catch mice. Apparently, they don’t think that “mousing” is part of the contract to live with us. However, cats are great pets, and if you get one that “mouses”, you are even more fortunate. Our present cat just appeared in our attached garage as a kitten twelve years ago. The garage door is almost always closed, so all we can figure out is that she rode in under the hood of one of the cars. She is a wonderful pet, but catching mice isn’t her bag.