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Keep mice out of car

A different kind of automobile maintenance. : > After a very snowy winter, we found quite a few mice living in our garage and in the engine of a car that sits unused for 5 months out of the year. We also spring cleaned our daily car which it park out in the open. It had evidence of mice under the hood and through out the car. Any suggestions how to prevent that?

Thank you.

Credit: cdaquila (our beloved Carolyn, the ever-present moderator)

Try some of the answers here:

Get a cat.

I have had the same problem with mice and squirrels that have cost me hundreds in electrical damage to my car, and the only sure fire way that has worked for me are rat traps under the car laced with peanut butter. Kill them and replace traps immediately. Closing the vent (put on recirculating) will keep them out of the filter but drive them elsewhere. Search and destroy and keep at it as one family will replace another. As long as you do it, cars remain rodent free. Hesitate for a day and oops, they could be back, esp. in the winter.

When you drive away, or have guest, be aware of kids and pets. I place mine in plastic pipes I rip length wise so people won’t step on them and remove them when we have guests. But I’m a country boy and occasionally shoot them too so these graphic measures and attitude may not apply to you…:=)

We had mouse in an old Renault 5. I tried one of those little “mouse hotels” that are laced with poison. Important note: I’m a smoker…so’s the wife. Next day, we went out, and the @#$%ed mouse had taken the butts from the ashtray, and stuffed them in the hotel.

Traps, with a tiny bit of peanut butter on the trip lever are, by far, the best way to kill these little nuisances. You can get quite a few in one night if you have enough traps. They tend to stay hidden during the day, and of course, when anyone is around.


I have posted a number of times on our successful use of the Steren ultrasonic repellers. No one seems to have noticed, so I will probably not bother again.

Apologies, irlandes…I haven’t seen those comments. But, in my defense, I never wanted to repel them, I always wanted them dead.

I imagine that would be a good way to stop the initial intrusion, though.

"I have posted a number of times on our successful use of the Steren ultrasonic repellers."
I use them successfully in one area. The problem is, it drives them elsewhere. That’s why I subscribe to the “death” solution as well.