Mice in car

Help!! I have at least one mouse living in between the headliner and roof of my toyota suv. I can now hear him/her in the dashboard behind the radio. I have lost some of the lighting on my radio display. I am guessing it is eating the wiring. I have put traps and caught several mice over the last week by placing traps outside of the car but I think I am catching garage mice. They or he/she don’t seem to have come into the cabin so setting up traps inside don’t work. Someone else must have had this problem. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I Recently Had The Same Problem.

I got them to leave by parking near a Toyota SUV and playing Country Western music on the radio and turning it up a bit. They dropped their cheese and wiring insulation and headed straight for that other vehicle. I haven’t seen them since.

It might be helpful for someone to know, what kind of car are you driving - make, model, model-year ?

Another thought . . . inside your vehicle you could play a recording (choose any one) of the president blaming everybody and everything and talking about his latest trillion-dollar spending plan for creating jobs and getting the economy going. They won’t last long.


You could play Rush Limbaugh on the radio. In three hours, the mice will all be brain dead. Then when one mouse leaves, the others will blindly follow.

Had the same problem with my SUV. They do leave on occasion, I think by way of the windshield support channels above the fire wall in the engine compartment. I would place a packet of Decon there in a bait station when car is not in use and remove before driving. Then hope for the best. I would not use it if domestic animals or children are passengers in your car and you can’t safely control the area you place it. Also, continue with the traps in the garage.

Are you saying that you don’t think inside traps will work or are you saying that you have used inside traps and caught nothing? The mouse (mice) is inside of the car. They will get to the trap if you bait it well. My fave is peanut butter.

The mouse in your car is probably getting out at night to find food and water, otherwise it would starve. Continue to place traps in your garage. You might also try traps in the car itself. I would not use poison, if the sick mouse goes back into the car to die, you could have a real problem getting rid of it when it starts to, well, rot.

If the have been eating something in your garage, like pet food, bait the trap with that if you can. Mice avoid new foods at first, so a familiar food may work better. Also, try and clean up your garage…get rid of food, next materials and hiding places, and seal up as many holes and gaps as you can find.

Get a cat.

I have never had a problem with “a sick mouse” getting back into the house or car and dying. The poison, I believe causes the rodent to seek water, which causes it to leave his “abode”. Drinking the water causes internal hemorrhaging which kills the rodent near the water source. Unless the rodent has an overwhelming urge to disregard the effects of the poison and spend his remaining time with his loved ones, in your garage, it would die outside …my experience.