Unusual Noise on '98 Cadillac DeVille Concours

I have an unusual noise on my 1998 Cadillac DeVille with the Northstar engine. I’m actually a pretty good mechanic, but can’t solve this one. I’ve also taken it to four service shops and they just scratch their head! When I make a right turn, I get a metallic scratching noise. It sounds like something rattling against a heat shield. It also does it when it’s jacked up on the passenger side of the car. So, it’s caused by the centrifugal force of going round a right turn. I’ve traced it to the left side of the engine but can’t determine where the noise is coming from. It sounds like a fast ‘ticking’ noise. It does not appear to be coming from the belt or pulley on the drivers side of the engine. It does not do it when I go striaight or make a left turn. It’s a rather slow noise, not engine speed. I have checked the wheels and front suspension. The fact that it does it on the jack means it’s not the wheels. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. 636-536-0028. speakers@charter.net Thanks, David

Can you SAFELY listen to the wheel bearings with both wheel off the ground as the engine idles in drive?

A growly bearing may have enough play to let something rub.

is that front wheel drive ? check the axel on both sides. they will “tick” when cornering

I guess I wasn’t too clear about this. The car makes the noise WHEN IT’S NOT MOVING, but jacked up on the passenger side of the car. It will even make the noise when it’s parked on a steep hill with the drivers side on the downhill side. So, it’s caused by cerntrifugal force making something move to the left. It is not wheels, suspension, or wheel bearings.