Studdaring engine



I have a 1998 Cadillac Deville…When I am stopped at a stop light my engine shakes…It doesn’t make any noise when it happens but I can put the car in neutral and the shake stops…it’s not a steady shake. it happens more speratic but a garauntee that it will happen Iif I have to make a complete stop while in drive.


When was the last time that the car had a “tune-up” (i.e.–replacement of spark plugs, plug wires, filters, etc.)?

Have the motor mounts been checked?


Pretty sure it hasn’t had one in a while…bought it from my cousin 2 months ago and it was his second car…it stayed under a car cover 80% of the time…It has about 122,000 miles on it.


When you don’t know for sure that maintenance has been done, then you have to assume that it has NOT been done.

If your cousin can’t produce a file folder full of maintenance invoices for the past 12 years, then you need to open the Owner’s Manual, reference the list of maintenance procedures for 120k miles, and have everything on that list done. And, even if the maintenance schedule doesn’t happen to mention changing both the brake fluid and the transmission fluid, you still need to have those things done.

With any luck, just bringing the car up to date with maintenance should cure the shaking and stuttering.
While it is in the shop for maintenance, be sure to have the motor mounts checked.


Thanks a lot…i will check into all these things