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Unread Posts

When I open Car Talk, the Unread heading says I have 3879 unread, but when I click on, it all I see is posts that I have read, and in some cases commented on. Why?

Just a guess, I noticed a huge number of unread posts when I was searching for a particular topic opened the topic, but did not read every response in thread. Going back into it and hitting “end” to get to the last post eliminated that problem for me. Any other thoughts @cdaquila?

“end” ? where is end?

On laptops it’s usually in the top row of keys (depends on brand and layout). On regular keyboards it’s in the group of 6 keys next to the number pad (includes insert, home, page up, delete, end, page down)

Why click on ‘unread posts’ anyway. I keep the ‘latest’ block highlighted and after a thread is inactive for 2 days I don’t even look at it.

I am using a mac desktop with a mac keyboard, I have no end key on my keyboard. I have never had anything but a mac so I don’t know hat the equivalent key would be on my mac.

On my Mac laptop, the end key is combined with the “right arrow” key…never used it, though.


Thanks !!!