Undercarriage water sloshing - what?

Situation: 1985 Chrysler Lebaron convertible, Mark Cross edition, low mileage. After a heavy rain, we’ve found a soaked rear passenger foot well carpet, and under way liquid sloshes in the undercarriage while executing a turn. There is no sign of water inside the car except for the passenger rear foot well carpet. Car repair and body shops don’t seem to want to touch this. Any thoughts, ideas?

Sure, you have a leak. That is obvious. Finding it will be difficult and given the age and lack of value of the car, I can understand any shops reluctance to even look.

Look for restoration shops that handle unique older cars. Expect a large bill and maybe an upfront payment. You may also get the news that the car is un-fixable because seals are not available or rust is too far along to economical to repair.

Good Luck

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Try spraying down different sections of the car with a hose. After each section, check for water intrusion. You should spray for 5 to 10 minutes on each section. It might be clogged drains in the doors. I imagine there are drains for the side windows in the rear too, even though there aren’t doors. Start at the bottom and work up. If you start at the top, you will not know if a lower leak site is there.

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The water you hear sloshing might be in the spare tire well.

Jon Voight’s Chrysler?


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also check the door. the water relief holes tend to get clogged and fills up with water in the door. if the water gets high it can leak out the bottom of where the door panel is. that can be your sloshing too.


Just a guess, top could be leaking into the convertible top well then in turn leaking into the passenger compartment. I had a Cutlass that developed a leak around the rear window. It leaked into the well then into the trunk.

Taillights can be leak spot. Rainwater hitting the roof and rear window is often channeled to spill out over the taillights. If so, check the seals there. As mentioned above, check for water acculation where the spare tire is stowed.

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That Chrysler has two drains in the top well that should be checked.