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1996 Sebring Convertible

How do I unplug the areas underneath the car that allows water leakage to drain properly?

Using some compressed air may do the job.

One site suggested this:
After I bought my wife a 1998 Sebring convertible, I noticed after it rained there was about an inch of water on the floor and I could hear water sloshing around in the wheel wells in the rear of the car. I found out that the convertible is designed to let water pass through the car body and drain out of small drain slits under the car located under the doors. If you get down and look, they look like little coin slots on the very bottom edge of the body. These slits get clogged with dirt from the rain. You can clean them out with a paper clip or drill holes into the body behind them like I did. Problem solved.

I’m going to try this!

Yeah, at 13 years old just drill holes into the floor bed. In the back seat floor beds. So at least you don’t get wet when you go through a puddle.
The 96 Sebring convertible leaked like a seive so bad that you can’t use a car wash.

I don’t feel confident enough to drill the house but I also don’t want to pay a huge amount for it. My conertible didn’t start leaking until 2004 so it was okay for 8 years but I’ve got to get it fixed so I’m not held prisoner at home when it rains!