Finding leak source in 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Ever Denteley, I have a leak somewhere on the drivers side of my car - 2005 trailblazer - about 8 inches or so of the rug under the rubber mat gets wet when it rains. I have had it to the dealer and they have been unable to find where the leak is coming from. Is it possible that there is an leak/hole on the undercarriage, and water is splashing and when I drive?

Possibly. A weld seam behind the pedals could leak into the car is the seam sealer has broken down.

Thank you!! I will have them check that.

Barbara Fleming

If you’ve a sunroof in your car, check its draining hoses, may be the sunroof drain is poor and the tube that runs down from the sunroof connects to a black tube further down slips out and all the water then runs into the car .

Well, there’s a big ol rubber boot right up there around the steering column and another smaller one for the bulkhead wiring pass through. Those would be something to look at. However, the leak could be much higher up as well. The best test is to remove the under dash hush panel, the side kick panel and pull back the carpet and pad. Place paper towels on the sheet metal sloping down from the firewall. Flood the windshield with a garden hose and then look for where the paper towels are getting wet. Follow that upward… if they are dry, then flood the sunroof and repeat the check…

Check the weep hole in the bottom of the door is clear, I heard a sloshing noise as nothing was draining, but perhaps yours eventually drains but can’t handle the rains.

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Good ideas above. I had a small leak on my truck similar to that too. A couple of months ago it was raining quite hard, so I took the rainstorm as an opportunity to see if I could figure out where the leak was. Turns out there’s an engineered water path down the side of the windshield, then into the door hinge area, then back out at the bottom, the door sill area, to the ground. I discovered a little of the rain water was diverting to the inside near the top of the door hinge area, due to a distorted and old rubber door seal. There was a lot of dirt that had accumulated in the door hinge area that was probably contributing too. I should point out that I got soaked from the rain in the process of the investigation, but I did eventually find the source of the leak. Can’t make an omelet w/out breaking some eggs I guess.

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I always say so what a little rain I am wash and wear!

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