Water in floorboard of 2002 Lincoln Towncar


Last week, I drove through rain for about an hour on Tuesday. Over the weekend, I discovered that the floorboard in rear passenger side of the car was sloshing in water. Clean water with no odor. I got everything dried out but need to find out the source so it doesn’t happen again Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, J


Check for a blocked drain in the area under the vents right in front of the windscreen, passenger side. You should be able to pour water in there and see it come out under the car. If it does not, then you have a blocked drain.


If you have a sun roof there may be a leak there. Also check the seals around the door of that area and the drain holes in the bottom of the door. The floor may have a hole in that area also so check that.


I think that Joseph is on the right track. My next door neighbor has a TC of that vintage and he went in a few weeks ago with the same problem. The stealership told him that it would have cost him hundreds if it was not still under warranty. I really could not make much detail of said neighbor’s his explanation, but I sort of decided that it was a clogged cowl drain and that the stealership was inflating what would have been the cost. Nevertheless, there might be a TSB for the problem. Check at www.Lincolnsonline.com. Someone there might know.


Good points Cougar