Unavailable Saturn parts

I have a 2003 Saturn LW200 wagon that I bought used a couple years ago. Last Sunday I used the parking brake for the first time ever, it seems, because I was parked on a hill. I swear I disengaged the lever (the light on the dash extinguished) when leaving for home, but about a mile from my home, I became aware of a loud squealing. Yes, the cable on the passenger side had bound up. I got the car to my mechanic who informed me that he could not find replacement rear cables for this car. I’m still only halfway through paying for this car that will not pass inspection next summer! What do I do??

Find another mechanic and/or take your car to a Saturn dealer. I can’t imagine this kind of part isn’t available still. It’s probably the exact same cable used on a Chevy Malibu and several other related GM vehicles. Now if it was a '93 model, that might be more of a challenge.

I suspect your mechanic’s part source has turned his back on Saturn since it’s a dying brand. The fact is that GM “cross-polinated” many, many, of its vehicles in the interests of brand engineering. It was bad for sales, but good for parts availability. Good luck.

Call the dealer. It’s often assumed that a dealer price is outrageous and that’s not always the case.
Since the car is an '03 it should still be available.

Failing that, an innovative mechanic can manufacture a cable if necessary.

My mechanic told me that he had contacted Saturn and was told the part was no longer being manufactured (I assume it’s because of GM closing down the Saturn division … )
I was wondering why he did not bring up the possibility of retrofitting a cable … it’s just like a bicycle brake cable isn’t it? It probably needs to be a little more durable obviously but it should be doable. Maybe he doesn’t want to be held responsible for installing a non-standard part?

I seem to have found a supplier for the part at www.saturnparts.com … hopefully that’s not a phishing site …

Use a credit card so you have recourse if the parts don’t arrive…

There was no other choice. Thanks to you guys for motivating me to search for the part on my own.

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