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We currently own a Saturn 2001 LS. My husband wants to purchase another Saturn but I against this. The reason is that I have been told by my mechanic that while Saturns are good cars, they are no longer manufactured making parts harder to obtain. I don’t want the hassle of not being sure that a part can be had or waiting for the part to be ordered from Michigan.

So the question is: Are my concerns valid?

Are you considering a new or used Saturn?


“Are you considering a new or used Saturn?”

Saturn production was shut down in 2009, so I doubt that anyone would be able to find a “new” one at this point. And, if someone could locate an unused 2009 Saturn at this point, it would likely need to have some of its rubber parts replaced.

Saturn was a GM brand before they got rid of it, so finding an equivalent Chevy shouldn’t be too hard

The aftermarket seems to cover the older Saturns quite well, and the newer ones were clones of other GM vehicles (example: Saturn Aura = Chevy Malibu, Astra = Impala). I wouldn’t be too concerned. Even the older ones have enough of a following that parts are easy to come by.

The parts won’t be hard to find but Saturns were not very good cars. It’s history now.

I would say comparing any new car to 12 yr old Saturn would be a real learning experience. Wow, these new cars sure are nice.

Saturns WERE good cars. All the ones I’ve worked on with high miles were still very sound, some with over 250k and no major repairs. IMO, the Ion was the end of Saturn. Anything before that was rock solid, then they went downhill fast.

If you decide to replace it, I would replace it with an older (read- pre-ion) saturn. Otherwise, start looking for something different altogether.

@nw2012 +1 Saturn wasn’t dumped by GM because the vehicles weren’t good. Truth be told Saturns tend to be much better then the Cavaliers and Sunfires unleashed on car buyers. As to the OP question, auto makers are mandated to produce parts for their vehicles for a long time. Finding Saturn parts isn’t the least bit complicated.