Saturn L200 brake release locking

I have a 2003 Saturn L200. About 4 months after I bought it new, the brake release starting locking up. I?ve taken the car in 10 times over the past 5 years. Current mileage is 31,500. They have replaced different aspects of the brake release over the years, (brake release, computer module, etc.) but have mentioned that they don?t think it can truly be fixed. The dealer even gave me a screwdriver to pop my own gear casing to manual release it when it locks up.

I can tell when the problem is about to creep up again when I step on the brake and the click that releases the gears is delayed.

Other cars of the same model and year do not have this problem.

It is once again sporadically locking up. They asked me to bring it in, but called me 2 hours later saying they cannot duplicate it, therefore, they can?t repair it. And these are the same mechanics who have fixed it about 4 other times.

I keep asking them to consult other mechanics, other engineers within GM, other garages, but they say they have done all they can.

Also a year ago, I thought another radio station was bleeding through on my system, but it turns out it was a whistling from the engine. The head mechanic rode in the car with me, heard it, and said that nothing could be done about the noise.

The car is paid for. I don?t think the lemon law pertains to this now after 5 years. It?s frustrating to be told these issues cannot be fixed.

Have you heard of the brake release or the whistling issues before on Saturns? Do you have any suggestions?

Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

Enter the info for your car at & scroll thru the Recalls & technical service bulletins.

If you’re lucky you’ll find something for both problems there