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2002 Saturn BCM Availability


I took my 2002 Saturn L200 today to the dealer because the “security” idiot light was on. Other symptoms were that the warning alert would keep sounding, the car would not come out of Park, and most of the gauges didn’t work.

The dealer said the Body Control Module (aka BCM) was bad and it was nothing $500 couldn’t solve… except the dealer couldn’t find one. I don’t mean they didn’t have one in inventory, the service manager couldn’t find one anywhere in the country. He said he would call to find out the availability of the part, but he was concerned that it was no longer available.

So… if that can’t be replaced, what options do I have short of junking the car and getting something else?

Also, I seem to recall that car manufacturers are required to maintain a parts inventory for a certain period of time. Is this correct and, if it is, how long?

Thanks, George

Instead of junking your car, call a local auto recycler and have them pull one from a junked vehicle of your same model?