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Unable to take my car out of park

I can not get my car out of park. I must replace a fuse every time . 1998 subaru forester . 241,000 miles
John Sivers

Why must you replace a fuse?

Sounds like something is wrong. But could you be a bit more vague?

There might be a broken wire on the shift interlock. Not a Sub but I had a Taurus that had a broken wire on the shift interlock that would would not let the car come out of P. If I remember correctly it was part of thbe brake light switch on the pedal. There was an override. Turn key on but do not start. Press brake pedal, pull shift to neutral then start car.
Hope this helps.

It could be that the interlock which requires you to push on the brake pedal before you can shift out of park is broke. Ask your mechanic to check.