Can't move out of Park- Ford Focus

I have a 2001 Ford focus automatic and the 54 fuse is permanently burnt out causing the break lights to not work and the gear shifter to not engage out of park unless I manually release it. I read that it may be the interlock switch, but was told I can’t get just that part for automatic that I would have to completely replace the gear shifter unit. Is this true? or are there any other ideas as to what the problem may be?

Ummmm…I’d be much happier if you were more worried about fixing the brake lights first. And the fact is that this is the only way to fix the shift interlock. It is engaging the brake lights that moves the interlock mechanism. So you can get a new one - but it still won’t move.

You need to fix the problems with the brake light circuit.

Or are you saying that you think the interlock is the problem in your circuit?

Well I have read on a Ford Focus forum that the interlock switch could be what is causing the fuse to blow making the lights not work. Which if that is the case if I can get the part my boyfriend can replace it but I wanted to see if anyone else has had experience with this problem and if that this could be the problem

Well that makes more sense, but rather than just guessing about it, it would be best to use a multimeter to actually check the switch & circuit. You might just have a frayed wire or something.

If you do learn that the switch itself needs to be replaced then I would check salvage yards - or just comb the internet for parts suppliers.