Ugh, Dropped PCV Valve into 301 Buick, Help

I have a '78 301 Buick and I was replacing the PCV valve, in the process, the rubber gromet (which actually turned into a really hard material) fell into the engine…is this okay? There is a steel plate below the intake manifold and this is what it fell into, there isn’t really anything below this is there?

I can’t quite get the picture,was the grommet in the valve cover? I would get it out.

Are you saying it dropped onto the intake manifold, then fell through a gap into the space between the manifold and the block? If it didn’t fall into a valve cover hole or into the carb intake, you should be ok.

There is a steel plate just below the intake manifold, this houses the gromet and pvc valve. The PCV valve on this engine is not located on or near the valve cover.

OK, so you droped the rubber grommet into the hole that the PCV valve came out of? So it’s now inside the block I guess. Does this sound right?

If I understand correctly, the grommet just fell beneath the intake manifold, and not into the engine. If so you will be alright.

If it fell into the hole that the PCV valve mounted in, then it now has to be somewhere inside the engine. I doubt that it could cause any problems. He’ll just need to get a new grommet.

Correct, it did drop just below the intake manifold, I don’t think it’s inside the crankcase, I’m just not that familiar with this particular engine and wondered if there was some passageway leading into the crankcase that was big enough to allow this gromet to drop through.

Sounds like you’re OK. If there was ‘some passageway leading into the crankcase’ it would allow oil and crankcase fumes to escape, the exact thing the PCV system prevents.

Think about this. The PCV is Positive Crankcase Ventilation. It is most certainly connected to a passage to the crankcase. That’s it whole purpose. It pulls the fumes out of the crankcase while the engine is running. The valve is a one-way valve that closes should the engine backfire. I suspect what the OP is describing is the cover over the camshaft. (It’s a push-rod engine, right?) One way or another this area is connected to the crankcase. What did you think the PCV valve connected to?

Yes it is a push rod engine, and I understand how the PCV system works, I’m just not familiar with this particular engine and I’m concerned that maybe the passages are too big…the grommet is about 1.5" in diameter, none of the passages would be this big?

I wouldn’t know about the passage sizes, but I would think that in the bottom of the crankcase would be the safest place for the grommet. If it makes it down to there, it should stay there. The pickup screen will keep it out of the oil pump.

It is just under the intake manifold, don’t worry about it. It is not in the crankcase.

If he dropped it, and it fell under the intake manifold but above the valley sheetmetal, it’s still outside the crankcase. He didn’t drop into the PCV opening.

So, what do you think is under the intake manifold?

A sheet metal sheild is under the intake manifold. There is no passage into the crankcase.

Hey, Jim, this has nothing to do with your problem, but did you know that is a Pontiac engine??

Yes, a Pontiac 301. There shouldn’t be a problem. The rubber is laying on the lifter valley cover which keeps things out of the engine. We need a new gromet.

Then, please tell me how the PCV works on that car? There has to be a passage down into the crankcase from the camshaft area. Also, I suppose that the camshaft is not oiled, or the oil doesn’t return to the crankcase?

The grommet did not fall into the hole left when OP removed the PCV valve. It fell under the manifold, on top of the shield above the cam.